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Recurrent Questions

The most frequently asked questions are answered below: If your questions haven't been answered yet, do not hesitate to ask us, even if it’s only small details. We will be glad to answer questions about your concerns and doubts.

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Can you please explain to me how to read the timetable?

Click on the day of your choice: the schedule of the day will appear (as in the pictures bellow).

Why is the schedule always changing?

Surf points in Okinawa are shallow, with rocks and corals. When the tide is low, the sea level will be too shallow to surf. At SeanaSurf we choose the best time to do our activities.

What will happen if I arrive too late at the appointment?

The activities we organize can't be done at anytime, it depends of the sea. If you arrive too late, you might be unable to participate in the course. Try to anticipate some daily problems like slow traffic!

How long the course will take?

If we include the time it will take to take a shower and change clothes, between 2 hours 30 and 3 hours. Depending on the season and the conditions of the course, it might be a little more or a little less, so make sure you leave extra time if possible.


How can I make payment?

You have to pay on the day of your participation, at SeanaSurf directly. It is possible to pay by card but also with cash.

surf course

I'm hesitating between many surf course. Can you give me advice or explain to me the difference between them?

■For people who never tried before and beginner : "Long board Surfing Experience course".

■For people who never tried or tried many times but never managed to stand on the board," Long board Surfing Experience Course".

■For people who manage to take off, or for people who still need some help to take off, and want to do progress : "Wanna be a Surfer!"

■If you participate to the "Wanna be a Surfer!"

■For intermediate level, advanced and already active surfer, you can participate to the "Full rental and Free" course, or the "Full rental and Free for Beginners" course.

If you are able to guess when the wave will come, to get out, to take off, to control your board, and if you want to enjoy by your own the waves without anyone to look after you, the "full rental and free" course is made for you.

My family doesn't want to surf, but they want to see me learning.

It is of course ok for them to come with us to the surfing point, but depending of the weather and sea condition, when the tide is low, a lot of rocks will appear and it won't be so easy to see you doing surfing from the beach. It is possible to have fun on the beach while you are surfing, but be careful to the sun!

Is it guaranteed that I will be able to stand on my board after the "Wanna be a surfer" course?

Unfortunately we can't be sure about that, it depends of the physical conditions and the sensitivity of the participant. Even if the waves are good, some people tried dozens of time without managing to stand, while other tried two or three times and already get the technique. But you can be sure that even if you are not good at the beginning, our staff members won't stop giving you advice and try all the technique possible to make you progress.

Is the price the same for a child and an adult for the surfing course?

Yes it is. That's why we ask you how many participants, regardless of the age of the participant.

Should we really wear a wetsuit?

Since we surf in shallow place with rocks and corals, for your safety you need to wear a wetsuit and boots. In summer it will also protect you from being sunburned, and in winter it will protect you from the cold.


If I bring with me my wetsuit, or my board, will it be less expensive?

Sorry but no, the price is fixed this way.

Can I only rent a board?

It is impossible only to rent one of the equipment, our prices are made for a full set on rental equipment.


What should I bring with me, except of beach sandals, towel and a swimsuit?

Since it is really hot in summer, it might be good to have some sunscreen, drinks or even a cap. In winter, you could bring with you a jacket to keep you warm after the course. It's not a good idea to bring a waterproof camera for the surfing course because you won't have the occasion to use it. Oh and I almost forgot, bring some motivation with you !

Is it ok to wear contact lenses?

A lot of people wear contact lenses without any problem, but you have to keep in mind that they might be carried away by the sea. If you still want to where some, it is your own responsibility if you want to wear some. If you wear glasses, we can provide you some special masks with a correction adapted to your sight.


Can you pick me up at Naha city?

No, Naha city isn't included in our pick up zone.

■This is the list of the place where you can be picked up for free:
Japan airlines Aribira Hotel,Zanpa-cape Royal Hotel,Renaissance Resort Okinawa,Sun Set Hill Hotel, Moon Beach Hotel,Onna Marine View Hotel,Monterey Hotel,Sun marina Hotel,Kafuu Resort,Rizzan Sea Park Hotel,ANA Manza Beach Hotel

■For 2000 Yen (return trip), you can be picked up at this hotels :
Miyuki Hamabaru Hotel,Miyuki Beach Hotel,Kariyushi Beach Hotel,Spa Resort Exes,Mariott Okinawa,Ritz-Carlton Hotel,Busena Terrace,Kise Beach Palace

Can we come by bus?

By bus, our closest bus station is "Maeganeku" and can be reached with buses from the 20 or 120 line (both lines begin at Naha city Airport).

How long will it take to come from the airport to the shop by car?

With the highway, it will take around one hour. If you just arrived in Okinawa, you need to think about the time it will take to rent a car, and anticipate that the plane might be late.


Can we use your showers, your body soap or your shampoo?

Sorry, but you can't use our shampoo or our body soap, but you can use the shower to remove the salty water. We also don't have any hair dryer.

Do you have some lockers for our personal item?

We don't have any locker, but you can let everything in our shop before living for the activity.
Try not to bring with you too much valuable item or big amount of money.

Do you have a parking place?

Yes, right next to our shop there is a harbor, where you can park your car freely there.

I would like to know a bit about the cancelation fee.

If you canceled for personal reason: a cancelation the day before the activity will cost you 50% of the price of the activity. If the cancelation is the same day as the activity, it will cost you 100% of the price of the activity.

Is it possible that the course is canceled?

Normally, we do the course even if it's rainy. But if we think that we can't do the course safely, because of heavy rains or too strong wind made bad sea conditions, we will have to cancel.

I'm a bit scared of getting wounded, or that some dangerous animals will come, like sharks...

We can't guarantee that you won't get hurt when falling from the board. But we will do our best to do so that it won't happen, by giving you wetsuit, boots, gloves etc… With all this protection and our staff that will look after you, you just need to pay a little bit attention. We will explain to you before the activity anything you need to know so listen carefully! For sharks, the owner of the shop is practicing marine sports for more than 20 years and never saw even a half of a shark (even if he would like to see one, just to see). There are some sea urchin, but with the special boots we will give you, you won't feel the spikes!


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