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The SeanaSurf shop is located in the Okinawa East side resort center. Our courses are suitable for beginners but also for an experienced surfer who would like to rent some equipment and go to a good surfing point with one of our guides. Come and have a good time with us!

What the SeanaSurf shop is like

West sea coast of Okinawa. Located in the nationally renowned, or even worldwide renowned Onna village. Next door is a diving shop and hotel called Pink Marlin. The Shop is on the first floor of this diving and hotel business. We offer surfing lessons for beginners and provide guides for surf sessions with more experienced surfers! We also sell souvenirs, swimwear and swimsuits, beach sandals... So feel free to come and take a look!

We also have one of the world's first collections of completely Japanese style designed surfboards for sale in our shop.

  • This is what the shop front looks like

  • Original goods, swimwear, surf pants...

  • Wanokazeya, original japanese style surfboard in Okinawa

  • When you drive on the 58th road and you see this signboard, you have arrived!

  • Let's have fun surfing on the beautiful Okinawa's sea!

  • We also do sell some goods for enjoying yourself under the blue sky of Okinawa


To summarize what the SeanaSurf shop is in one sentence: a place where you can be taught how to have fun in the sea of Okinawa !

A few years ago when you were thinking about "surfing", you might have had a negative perception of a scary local surfer crew, or the overly strict surfing teacher... Or if not, maybe you were thinking about a cool guy with a fresh surfer appearance, who has never caught a wave in his entire life?

Now that surfing has an image of "fresh performer's hobby", and now that a lot of surfing school and surfer are teaching, you might think it will be easy to begin. Now that surfing has an image of a "fresh performer's hobby", and now that a lot of surfing schools and surfers are teaching, you might think it will be easy to give it a try.

But, when you're finally thinking "I'm going to give it a try", a lot of questions might begin to grow in your head, such as: "how can I start?", "who should I ask for help?", "Is it possible even if I'm alone?" "There are a lot of shops that offer lessons, but how can I choose?" "Is it safe?"

We do understand this thought process! That's why our motto is "simple, safe, and a lot of fun", so come and see our way of surfing for yourself!


We adapt our lessons to suit your level of expertise. A lot of participants come alone. It might be a bit scary at first, but after all the adventures you will have together with the other participants, in the end you will feel a bit like war buddies. By participating to our classes, you might make some new friends from anywhere in the world, but maybe even your home town! (It's happened to us)

Our Efforts for Surfing,SUP,Snorkeling Safety


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Shop Information

  • SeanaSurf Okinawa
    1F 167 Maeganeku, Onna village, Okinawa


  • from Naha airport
    One Hour

    ※By highway, without traffic jam

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