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Seana surf is located in the north part of the principal island of the archipel, and more precisely in the huge resort area Onnason. Since the shop is just between the Renaissance Resort and the Moon Beach Hotel, don't miss it when you'll pass by !

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Access by car

Access by car from Naha city,Airport

∗By higghway: Approximately 10 minutes from Ishikawa IC to the shop.

  • National road 58, north direction(about 1 hour and 20 minutes)
  • When entering Onnason, you will see the Renaissance Hotel, close from the sea.
  • If you drive for two more minutes, after crossing the by-pass crossing, on your left you'll see a double floor building.
  • Turn to the left in the street just before the building : you'll enter the parking.

If you come from the north

  • After driving in front of the moon beach hotel, you will see the shop on your right.
  • There is a big parking place behind the shop.
  • Pass in front of the shop and turn right, you will enter a wide place. Go straight forward, until you can turn behind the bulding. Drive behind the bulding and turn left. You will see a parking of dirt floor. You can park here ! There is a some path on the left side of the parking to go to the shop faster.
  • A restaurant called Anton is located just in front of the shop, don't miss it !

↑Nago city

picture map

↓Naha city

∗Parking;please follow the route indicated by arrows.

usual route

parking usual route map

∗This is the time you will take by car to go to our shop from different place, like Yomitan village, Nago city and so on.

Okinawa-Zampamisaki Royal Hotel15min
Hotel Nikko Alivila Yomitan Resort Okinawa20min
Renaissance Okinawa Resort3min
Coco Garden Resort10min
Royal Garden Resort Okinawa15min
Hotel Moon Beach1min
Sunset Hill1min
Onna Marine View Palace1min
Rizzan Sea Park Hotel5min
Sunmarina Hotel5min
ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort15min
Miyuki Beach Hotel/Miyuki Hamabaru20min
Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa35min
The Busena Terrace35min
Kise Beach Palace40min
Okinawa Sun Coast Hotel45min
Delfino Nago60min
Hotel Resonex Nago60min
Hotel Mahaina Welness Resorts Okinawa80min

Access by bus

line 20, or 120

  • Line deserving our bus stop:20 Nago Nishi Line, or 120 Nago Nishi A.P Line
  • Closest bus stop:Maeganeku(around 30 seconds away from our shop)
  • Bus schedule: just to give you an idea of the bus schedule, but in case, come a bit earlier



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Shop Information

  • SeanaSurf Okinawa
    1F 167 Maeganeku, Onna village, Okinawa


  • from Naha airport
    One Hour

    ※By highway, without traffic jam

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