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Surfing for The First Time

Time required:150min

Surfing first timers and Non-Swimmers welcome!

Let's start surfing on the waves of Okinawa's crystal clear sea!

Isn't surfing extremely difficult?
We will transform your perception of this being the case! Experience how easy and safe it can be to learn surfing with SeanaSurf's surfing school courses. Because all equipment is included you can join the course without any cares and enjoy the waves without anything to worry about and just enjoy the waves. The course is held under the careful guidance and supervision of our staff and in a water depth where your feet can touch the bottom. From children to seniors, everyone is able to join and experience the unique feeling of longboard wave riding in Okinawa's magnificent ocean!

Details of the course

Seana Surf is a surfing school and surfing accessories shop located on the west coast of Okinawa and close to the beautiful Cape Maeda.

Longboard Surfing Experience Course;
Cost of the course online ¥8,910
with tax

(9,900 yen at the shop)
The course takes about 2h30min-3h
The daily course starting times depend on the tide and weather conditions.

What to bring with you:
■Swimwear (if possible already wear it under your clothes when you come to the shop)
■Flip-flops or other beach footwear
■Excitement and motivation

Included in the price
■Use of rental equipment set ■Instructions and guidance by staff
■Facility usage fee (parking fee, shower, toilet, etc.)
■Shop ⇔ point-to-point transfer
■Liability and accident insurance premiums
■Cheerful voice and smile of the staff!

Conditions for Participation:
■Healthy body and mind and at least 10 years of age or older
■Minors under 20 years old will need a signature from their parent or guardian for participation. If you are not able to bring your parent or guardian to the course, please fill out the form beforehand and bring it with you
■Single person reservations are accepted
■Please contact us regarding questions or other conditions

And we also sale Surf Pants and Bikinis・Marine Goods.

Surfing for The First Time
  • Step1.Payment
  • Step1.Payment
  • Step2.Fill out the application form
  • Step3.Course Description
  • Step4.Change to the wet suit
  • Step5.Drive to the surf point
  • Step6.Get the board
  • Step7.Move to the Beach
  • Step8.Warm-up
  • Step9.Land training
  • Step10.Get into the sea
  • Step11.Feel the waves
  • Step12.Try to take off
  • Step13.Try!
  • Step14.Try! Try!
  • Step15.Yes!!
  • Step16.You made it!
  • Step17.Take the group photo
  • Step18.Back to the shop,Shower,Dressing&See you again!


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  • from Naha airport
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